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David Snyder and Michael Van Buskirk met in a small Nebraska town as children. They began working together in the telecommunications industry. They went to start their first venture together, a small .com, at the turn of the century. Follow by a combined decade in the banking industry. David focused on Technology & the Internet of Things and Michael specialized in Logistics & Finance. We found that thier individual fields complemented each other’s in surprising, and what turned out to be, inseparable ways. Technology was changing the courier field and vice versa. This made them eager to cultivate their own approaches, one that would effectively intersect their expertise with their respective interests. They believe that what wins a customer and what makes a courier business thrive is the passion that drives it. Choosing to specialize in a field means that you are completely devoted to it; that you will protect it as if it were your own. That is the focus that sets them apart.

Kens Delivery opened its doors in 1952. Since then, they've facilitated the success of companies like Wilson Trailer and UPS along with Insurance company Allied Solutions and established Law Offices of Deck & Deck. In 2010, they brought on Micheal & David to facilitate company growth with industrial companies, manufactures, and distributors in Omaha as well as Sioux Ctiy. They quickly formed Federal Delivery Service. Added an exceptional level of enthusiasm, dedication, and nuanced perspective that makes Federal Delivery the best solution for commercial clients.


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David Snyder II

From working in the Telecommunications Industry to the Banking Industry to opening his own company in 2010. David has represented freight, mail, and legal clients large and small for nearly 10 years. He made headlines in 2010 when he announced the Grand-Opening of Sioux City's home food delivery service Bring It On Home. He continues to provide the same fast, reliable, high quality service to all his clients. Perfecting his craft since the turn of the century, David has hands-on experience with how technology affects local industry. Staying ahead of transportations and technologies frequent changes is David's forte.



North East Community College
General Studies 2003

Harvard X
Computer Programing 2015

Activities & Affiliations

• Federal Delivery Service, President
• Federal Delivery Service, Office & Technology Director
• YMCA, Youth Football Coach, Volunteer








Michael Van Buskirk

Michael focuses on the various facets of logistics that revolve around Omaha, Sioux City, I-29 and many cities in between. Whether that’s monitoring fast same day deliveries to ensuring quality service and satisfied clients for future growth or negotiating distribution agreements. Prior to co-founding Federal Delivery Service, he operated his food delivery startup Bring It On Home. Michael has participated with and advised entrepreneurs on high quality practices for their business for over 15 years.



Napoli's Culinary Academy
General Studies 1999

Activities & Affiliations

• Federal Delivery Service, Vice President
• Federal Delivery Service, Finance & Logistics Director
• Michael Gifts & Collectibles , Former CEO




John "Terry" Yerek

Terry starting working at Federal Delivery Service, formally Kens Delivery Service, in 2008. He specializes in all things related to Omaha, whether that’s securing a obscure freight shipment or helping clients work through expedited shipments. His consistency and reliability make Terry an asset to this company.